Penguin Classics Redesign

Site Redesign and Launch

August 16, 2013

The Penguin Classics redesign takes a new cleaner and more minimal approach. Bringing its award winning book design, editorial and author list to the fore. Using a vibrant colour palette by means of jacket imagery and simple typography, the new site leaves the UI free of visual noise.

Governed by a tight brief: ‘Clean, clear signposting and simple UX’, the result is that users are presented with an uncomplicated yet confident, stylish publisher’s website with brand at the forefront.

The project didn’t come with without legacy and aside from the new page designs, the redesigned UI still had to be accommodated into old Vignette Story Server templates written in a fixed tabulated format.

Challenging, but very enjoyable, I hope to have present a new site not just to happy clients but an audience of passionate readers.

Visit Penguin Classics

Visit Penguin Classics

ABrighterBlue is tomjohn001. Illustrator, designer and digital creative. Currently working for Penguin Books.