D&AD Awards 2013
In Book Award Winner

Branding / Brand Expression in Print The Penguin English Library

August 14, 2013

The Penguin English Library first appeared in 1963 promoting English language literary masterpieces from the last 500 years. The design brief was to reinvent and rebrand this classic series, reimagining and modernising the cover designs and the branding, and to incorporate Penguin orange on the spines, which was such a distinctive element of the original series.

Under Art Direction from renound cover designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith, I created a large number of the illustrations that featured throughout this series. The project was fast paced with an initial release of 20 titles followed by a minimum of 7 further titles each month. This continued until we completed a total of 100 books for the full Penguin English Library series. There are particular favourites, but the project as a whole was rewarding in more ways then one. The crowning glory being that of the D&AD In Book Design Award 2013.

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~ D&AD

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ABrighterBlue is tomjohn001. Illustrator, designer and digital creative. Currently working for Penguin Books.